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Delfzijl 2003

Leaving on sunday morning
Everybody left on Saturday to Delfzijl. After a trip of almost 4h, we were happy to get out of the car once we arrived. It is already the fourth year the DO IT team stays in Hotel Bastion near the hall where the show takes place.
In the evening we took a drink in the café of the Bastion. Because the day will start at 8.30am on Sunday morning, people went to sleep early.
Sunday morning we left the hotel with the whole team. Weighing at 10 Am and start of the prejudging at almost 12 am. Prejudging was finished at 3 pm and the DO-IT team left for a well deserved lunch in the Greek restaurant Athena. Because the prejudging ended a bit later than expected, there was not much time left to do something else than have a little walk. Between 5 pm and 5.30 pm we had to be back for the real show.

Complete results


Miss Figure
Pascale Seels - 2nd place
Martine Van Reusel - 4th place

On the left, Pascale Seels and on the right Martine Van Reusel
Miss Fitness
Jeniffer Campo - 4th place


Marc Gilis - 4th place
Joris martens - 5th place

Marc Gilis
-70kg - C class
Guy Bergmans - 1st place
-80kg - C class
Joël De Meyer - 1ste place
Tim Willems - not nominated

Joël De Meyer in the middle
-90kg - C class
Frank Cuppens - 1st place - Overall Winner C classe
Nico Lenaerts - 2nd place
Hans Dijckmans - not nominated
Bart Van De Perre - not nominated
Honoré Meersman - not nominated

-90kg - B class
Sjors Van Peer - not nominated

Fank Cuppens
+90kg - C class
John Valk - not nominated

+90kg - B class
Kurt Roelans - 5th place
Ilja Vermeerbergen - not nominated

Left, Ilja Vermeerbergen and right Kurt Roelans