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New Fed Cup

Saturday October 12 was the international Fed Cup; this is an international contest from the IFBB.
I had to choose between the gp or to go with Performance to the fit form expo in Barcelona.
A few days before the contest, I was in a good shape, tough I choose for the contest.
But I am competing now in all the contests for the last 4 years, and I think my body is
tired from all the diets.
So on the day of the contest my body was flat and soft. It looked great in the morning but in de afternoon it wasn't what it had to be.
Obviously I did something wrong to get rid of the water and I pulled the water out of my muscles and it became in to flat.
It was also a very hard contest and the winner Boris Klein from Germany was the true winner of the contest, even at my best shape, like I was in April of this year I could not win from him.
I know what I did wrong and it was a very hard lesson for me but I also know that I make that mistake never again.
I wanted to come a little bit harder than at the beginning of the year and I went to extreme on my diet. The only thing is that I'm missing the total classment with one single point, so I end on the second place after Marc Gijs who turns pro now.
He is competing in Holland, the Dutch pro grand prix organized by Pappa Mike and Dorian Yates. I wish him all the best in his career as a professional.
Now I know that it was better to choose for the expo, because there are always a lot of fan's that come to see me.
I'm sorry that I disappointed you all, but next time ill be back in top shape.
Wish you all the best ant train hard.

Your friend Siggi