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Fibo 2003

On the 1st May, I picked Pascale Seels up at her house at 8.30Am and we drove to Essen, Germany.
When we arrived, there were already a lot of people to watch Fibo. We were working for Powerhouse and Crazee Wear and we had a few shows at the All Stars stage.
We missed the first show, because the people at the door didn’t let us in without a card. So I had to call Marc and he had to send someone to give us the entry cards.

Thursday and Friday are for businesspeople and the weekend is for recreational fitness and body building people.
We got some clothes from marc and we showed it and made some photos with people. At 13.30pm we had a show at All Stars and they had a lot of good athletes from there All Stars team.
Pascale was the 5th athlete to come up and she was nervous because this was her first expo. She did a great show and the weekend could begin for her, the nerves were gone and the audience liked her. Even Monica Brant went to her to say she looked good.

I was after her and I did my "American football act" and this was something new for the expo. It’s an act with some special effects in it, like when I kick the ball, you here a sound, but there is no bal. Some of the All Star athletes had also a good show and where in a great shape.

So on Thursday and Friday we did 6 shows and a lot of photo shoots with people. On Saturday, my trainings partner, Frank Cuppens came to Essen, to pose with us and work on the Powerhouse Booth.
He was in great shape and I introduced him to the All Stars people and the asked me if he could do the All Stars competition. Frank said ok, because he looks good and he doesn’t care about the result, he just likes body building.
He had the best symmetry of them all and his shape was awesome, but he missed the mass and the quality of the top 3. So he finished 4th, but he is just 23 years old and has a lot of talent and great looks. You gone here more of this guy in the near future.

After every show we went to Universal, because we had some friends that were posing there. Anja Timmer and Giovanni Thompson.
When we stood there where a lot of people ho wanted to take pictures from us, so the head from Universal nutrition, asked me to pose there at there booth. I said I couldn’t pose, because I am sponsored by Performance Nutrition, but Pascale and Frank are free to pose. So I was glad they got a chance to promote themselves.
They were posing like they did it every week, and I was toughed when they were posing.

So after 4 days, we where very tired from all the posing and talking to people, but we had a great time.
I hope we can do this again next year and I want to thank Marc from Powerhouse for what he did for us, All stars for letting us pose at there stage, and Universal for promoting some of my athletes.