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Las Vegas Trip

I was invited by Wayne Gallash to do a poolside photo shoot at Mandalay bay on Sunday.
So I went to Vegas with my girlfriend and after a 14 h flight, we arrived at the Vegas airport. We went strait to our hotel, "Circus Circus", checked in and went to the buffet.
I was a little bit surprised when I saw the buffet. There was only junk food on the buffet and the only plain food was filled with Sucre.
So after the long trip and the bad food I had to cancel the photo shoot. I was holding more water than the Niagara Falls.
But that was the only bad thing on Vegas, next year I bring my own food with me.
Even in the supermarket I didn't find rice cakes or normal bread, so next time I know what to do.
The expo was great and I saw a lot of old friends. Last year I did a few expos and there you meet al lot of new people every time.
So now, when you walk around, you meet them again and always have a lot to talk about, because we are al in the same sport, we have the same interests.
I was surprised to see Garret Downing in a wheelchair after he turned some things in his leg.
I hope he recovers so, so he can compete and promote the sport he likes.
He moved to Vegas, so he can focus more on his sport. I saw my old trainings partner Tommi Thorvildsen back, after he left Belgium a few months ago.
He is living in California now, so his dream came true.
He got a sponsorship with Weider, so I wish him all the best. The guys that I mentioned where last year on the fit form expo in Barcelona and we all had a great time there.
So I hope I can come back next year to Vegas and do "the pool shoot" with Wayne.
Marco Verhoek from Sport and Fitness and Raymond Caesar from Muscletime wanted also to take some pictures from me, so I can help them next year
Now I know what to do and you learn from your mistake
After the contest we had a great dinner with Juliette Bergmann and her Friend Jim Lensfeld, together with Pappa Mike and his wife.
I also want to congratulate Juliette with her second Miss Olympia title.
After a great weekend, we had to fly back to reality and work in the gym and train hard for the next season.

Take Care muscle friends