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Personal invitation

Normally this contest was for Dutch national champions, now they invite some champions from other countries. The Night of the invitationals will take place on 22 or 29 September.
I was not planning to compete this year, but this is something special and I am glad they invited me.
So I start my contest preparation in June and try to be the best I can to compete against some of the best bodybuilders from Europe. Also invited is Thomas Shue, ex IFBB world champion.
Boris Kleine, the upcoming man here in Europe, who wins a lot of contests the last few years.
I also heard rumors that they are inviting Alexander Federov, the overall winner from the European championships. He is just 24 year old, but he is pro quality, not normal what size and shape this Russian young star has.
If I compete at the night, I do the Fed Cup at 11 October and the international grand prix in Czechoslovakia week later.
IFBB Belgium sent some bodybuilders to this official contest, so I want to join the team if I can.
I just have to see that I can combinate the gym with my diet, because I have a big gym and I don’t know who of my athletes are competing at the end of the year.
Hope to see a lot of you in Holland at the night in September, or in Belgium on 11 October at the Fed Cup.

Take care Siggi