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Photo shoot with Powerhouse Europe

On 21 January I went to Tilburg (The Netherlands) for a photo shoot with Sami Benotman.
This was in the Ultimate Strength Systems headquarter. A company that makes hard core free weight machines and also fitness machines.
At 8.30 we started the shoot, and a lot of new clothes where made by the powerhouse company.
Marc, the owner of Powerhouse Europe found a great photographer, but I forgot his name.
It was the second time that I had a photo shoot with this guy and it was ok from the first moment he took a picture.
The atmosphere was very good, we had to train till we got tired and he started to take pictures from that moment, not earlier. We had a great time and the result is really cool.
I want to thank Marc that he picked me as a model for the catalogue and the great time we had.