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Siggi torned Chest

On thursday 18 february,siggi and frank where training chest. after warming up correctly,the started there set. the last set,on the 3e rep,siggi felt a terrible pain in his left chest. frank heard the sound of a towle that splits,and took the barbell in his hands. siggi felt this was completly wrong,and went to his office. Frank brought some ice for the swelling and bleeding inside.
when siggi took his shirt off,he saw a hole in his upper chest,and a bump under it. they went immidiatly to the emergency,and there they where very fast to help siggi. they took a echo,and saw a split in the muscles. the day after i went to antwerp for a NMR scan,and brought those scan to the hospital in turnhout,where i went to the emergency. the doctor told me he could operate me on wednesday,so i went to the hospital that day. on 16u they brought me to the operation room. but when they wanted to make me sleep,there was an emergency that came in,and that was on life or death. so the person was going forward on me. i had no problems with that,so they brought me back to my room. i was very hungry,because i dint eat the whole day. on thursday,i was the first person that he wanted to operate,so my turn was on 13u. the surgery was a succes,and the day after i went home. now i have to rest for 14 days,and then i go back to the doctor. after that visit to the doc,i have to rehab for 2-3 months. so i have to be very patience. Ferdy,my coach said that it takes 6 months before i can train normal again. so i dont think i can compete this year again. maybe i can do some shows at the beginning of 2005.